Invention and Innovation
Exhibitions MINOX 2024
are planned in
Jelgava, Liepaja, Rezekne and Riga
Latvian Inventors Association and Society “CONNECT Latvia” in collaboration with partners in the regions of Latvia are inviting inventors, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators, young and experienced, to participate in Invention and Innovation exhibition-festivals MINOX 2024 that is planned to take place in four cities - Jelgava, Liepaja, Rezekne and Riga.

Anyone can be the author of the invention and thus participate in the MINOX exhibition, regardless of the status in society or occupation, as young as two-year old kids and without the upper age limit. So just as scientists or entrepreneurs are welcome, likewise simple people such as housewives, grandsons and granddaughters with their grandparents, as well as students, professors, moms and dads are invited to participate.

In 1892, at the exhibition of inventions, a simple housewife Josephine Cochran from the United States of America, demonstrated her invention – a hand-operated dishwasher ( Later Josephine became a very rich by selling her invention to a big manufacturing company. Today we use these machines in many households and different enterprises, and we take it for granted. It reminds us once again that anyone can be an inventor.

To participate in the exhibition, please fill out simple online application form available here. You can also send an email to [email protected] with the information about your invention and intentions to participate and we will get back to you soon for further details.

It is possible that the authors of inventions who will take part in one of the regional exhibitions can also participate in another regional exhibition. The time schedule of regional exhibitions gives such an opportunity to the authors. Since any exhibition can be regarded as a “shop”, where the “product” is an invention, then in the role of the buyer there can be any visitor to the exhibition, among whom there could be potential investor or business partner. The participation in any exhibition only expands the opportunity for the inventor to meet the potential partner of the project, thereby speeding up the implementation of invention in real life.

Some examples of exhibitors:

  • Mom sees a new, previously unseen method of painting by her youngest daughter. She registers her daughter as the author of the method, and they participate in the exhibition together;
  • Listening to the professor's lecture about some problem, the student comes up with a genuine, completely new idea of solving this problem. Idea! Eureka!!!
  • In the garage of the grandfather, the grandson is playing with some old staff and by adding some new elements suddenly creates a completely new device! Grandfather understands that this is a new invention and helps the grandson to apply for participation in the exhibition of inventions as an author.

Author of the invitation text - Inventor Rimis Vaitkus

On behalf of the organizers of the exhibition MINOX and wishing fruitful work - Eng. Ivans GriņevičsMember of the Board of Latvian Inventors Association  and Elmars Baltins, Project Manager at CONNECT Latvia